Module Project 2

1.Why is it momentous to discover among unwandering and capricious consumes? 2.Your strong, which operates a nationwide method of cancer clinics, has annual profits of $800 favorite and coin reserves of $500 favorite. Your clinics feel a regaining appraise of $200 favorite, and leader security for them would consume $5 favorite per year. Actuarial grounds pretence that your expected losses due to leader are $4 favorite. Should you buy security? 3.Your stock is estimate $200,000. Your surrender of a catastrophic abundance is 0.5 percent. Such a abundance would waste your stock and would not be trained by homeowner’s security. Although you whimper, you buy abundance coverage for $1,200. Are you surrender unwilling or surrender seeking? 4.Kim and Pat underwrite security. Each underwrites 50 representations per month. Each representation takes lewd hours to underwrite. The appraise of their term is $40 per hour. Monthly consumes for each are $1,500 for an function, $2,000 for a receptionist, and $2,400 for a secretary. Calculate the medium and incremental consume per contingency for Kim and Pat.