No Men Are Foreign

'No men are extraneous' rehearse us that we should not ponder anyone as extraneous or 'strange. ' Mankind is the identical all balance the globe and in harming anyone we are harming ourselves. This lyric emphasizes the truth that men jurisdiction appertain to contrariant races, nations, but are basically spring by a contemptible fastening i. e. they all impress affliction when rack and emit respect on the missing of someone cork and wars should not infringe this contemptible fasteningage. In destroying another state we are destroying our own Earth. The lyric rehearses us to face upon mankind as unified existence. [pic]The lyric is palpably a secure excuse for exhaustive contortment. It underlines the truth that the persons of contrariant countries own identical material, moral & emotional experiences. Their end is the identical. They are in no way contrariant equal though they waste contrariant clothing & pronounce contrariant languages. Nobody should be viewed as alien & no state extraneous. The rhymer emphasizes the inefficacy of hating those who appertain to other countries. When we wage war opposite others, we simply taint our own universe. The dust & steam caused by war weapons taint the very air we all murmur.The rhymer calls upon the persons to release the globe from man-made barriers and parochialism (straight eight). There is considerable in contemptible among contrariant races of the globe. [pic] This lyric is written to irritate impressings of contortment, contortment and to emphasise that persons of contrariant nations are resembling in complete manner-fate, times of sorrows and wellbeing etc. Therefore James Kirkup has written this lyric to say that we are the result of the God and should we secularize our Universe by waging wars, by conflicting we are condemning ourselves.