Write a lore Nursing essay on the question Cyber belligerence and its implications for the United States Your lore Nursing essay should be minimally 10 pages (enfold spaced, Font - Georgia delay font extent 12). The lore Nursing essay needs to apply to the forthcoming commencement ❑ Kostyuk, N., and Zhukov., M., Y. (2019). Invisible Digital Front: Can Cyber Attacks Shape Battlefield Events? Journal of Conflict Resolution, 63(2)., 317-347. (pfd rendering of Nursing essay is uploaded to module 4 in d2l). ❑ In union you need to bear at lowest 5 equal reviewed journal/book applyences The lore needs to minimally sift-canvass the forthcoming ❑ The junction of cyber belligerence for the United States ❑ What are some specimens of practicable cyber belligerence scenarios where ticklish infrastructure could be artful ❑ Emerging technologies that can be used for cyber belligerence ❑ What does Kostyuk and Zhukov (2019) address chiefly in their Nursing essay? Do you assent delay Kostyuk and Zhukov (2019) that cyber-attacks are undignified as a cat's-paw of control in war? Determine to illustrate why or why not. ❑ Future implications of cyber belligerence for the United States The bibliography should be comprised as a unconnected page and is not distribute of the 10 page condition. Student assignments procure be run through Protected Assignment. Please determine to repress the protected assignment consequence preceding to submitting. The lore Nursing essay should conceive the forthcoming components. ● Title Page (Not distribute of the incompleteness 10 page condition) ● Abstract (fast overview in your own suffrage of the perfect gratified of your Nursing essay, poor to 200-350 suffrage) ● Introduction (1-2 pages, junction of cyber belligerence for the U.S, specimen, practicable scenarios_ ● Literature Review (2-4 pages, describes the lore Nursing essays that you experience in applyence to the question of cyber belligerence, emerging technologies that can be used, the contact of cyber belligerence) ● Discussion (2-3 pages) – (Your perspective on the question of cyber belligerence, implications for the U.S, ticklish perspectives and/or recommendations) ● Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs, This provides a definite tabulation of your lore Nursing essay) ● Bibliography in APA format