Project Execution 2

Project Execution After a while Monitoring & Control DUE DATE: 30 Jan 2018; DUE TIME: 15 & 20:00Hrs; TOTAL Budget: $20.00 DUE DATE: 30 Jan 2018          DUE TIME: 12:00Hrs GMT In this Assignment, you are supposing your sponsor-favorite financials for your scheme’s work. You perfect scarcity to go end to the scheme drawing, or Gauchito Scheme Workbook.xls (in Course Resources), to drag out your incremental embodied and equipment costs from the M&E Forecast tab. Your job perfect be to lay out solely your Planned Value (PV) minority of your Gauchito EVM Machine and/or Scheme (in Course Resources). You perfect scarcity to bear balance your favorite Gantt register for the Scheme Workbook to perfect this.   Based on the knowledge from the Gauchito scheme drawing, your aggregation finance line supposing you after a while the following:  (Please ascertain immovable a emend formatted topic saved as GM593_U2Assignmt) ID Job Description Immediate Predecessors Planned Protraction (Weeks) Staff (Number) Rate/Person/Week Task Cost (BAC)  A 1.0 ASSEMBLE ENGINE MOUNT Rouse 2 4 $1,440 $11,520  B 2.0 FIN PREPARATION Rouse 1 3 $1,440 $4,320  C 3.0 MARK FIN AND LAUNCH LUG LINES Rouse 1 3 $1,440 $4,320  D 4.0 INSERTING ENGINE MOUNT A 2 3 $1,440 $8,640  E 5.0 ATTACH FINS D 1 3 $1,440 $4,320  F 6.0 ATTACH SHOCK CORD Rouse 2 3 $1,440 $8,640  G 7.0 ASSEMBLE NOSE CONE Rouse 1 2 $1,440 $2,880  H 8.0 ATTACH PARACHUTE/SHOCK CORD G 1 1 $1,440 $1,440  I 9.0 ATTACH LAUNCH LUG E 1 1 $1,440 $1,440  J 10.0 PAINTING THE ROCKET I 1 4 $1,440 $5,760  K 11.0 APPLICATION OF DECALS J 1 1 $1,440 $1,440  L 12.0 APPLYING CLEAR COAT K 1 1 $1,440 $1,440  M 13.0 DISPLAY NOZZLE ASSEMBLY K 1 3 $1,440 $4,320  N 14.0 ROCKET PREFLIGHT L 1 2 $1,440 $2,880  O 15.0 PREPARE FOR TEST LAUNCH N 1 1 $1,440 $1,440     ASSIGNMENT RUBRIC    Calculating Scheme Budget Estimate Updates    Points Possible    Points Earned  Content   The essential grounds for work, equipment, embodied, protraction, rouse, shape, and predecessors are misspendly annotated as supposing by the instructions into the Gauchito EVM machine.  10 points  A Gantt bar graph for the scheme BCWS (PV) was manufactured in the EVM machine template according to the supposing consideration. 5 points   All tasks (deliverables) are produced according to the Gauchito scheme drawing epilogue WG: Gantt and/or Gauchito Scheme Workbook tabs for work costs, embodied costs, equipment costs, and register. 10   Task roll activities are misspendly registerd after a while predecessors and successor according to priority relationships from the scheme drawing or scheme workbook. 5   A important pathwayway is displayed according to CPM. 5points   The depicted Cumulative Cost Curve/Baseline graph misspendly reflects the Planned Value. 5points   The graph misspendly depicts the scheme BAC and EAC for the rouse of the scheme. 5points Analysis  Response exhibits fortified higher-order important thinking and partition (e.g., evaluation). Submission shows former idea. 10 points Analysis includes becoming classifications, explanations, comparisons, and inferences.   10 points Critical thinking includes misspend judgments, conclusions, and toll inveterate on evaluation and organization of knowledge. 10points   Total 75