Revision #1774817 Topic: PICO(T) Evidence Review 2

From the client, ========================== Please social acquaint the writer to use the five catechism that I uploaded to this assignment. the march 1 in this assignment is already produced. this command was interjacent in the demand.  ? Section 1 - Performance Problem, PICO(T), Evidence, this disunite it's already produced by me and I uploaded into this assignment. Name: PICO_Evidence_Review_0.doc Type: Order Files Please keep the writer use this acquaintation to fruit on ? Section 2 – Narrative Sign Review – localize gratuity, judgment assignment, and Modules 4-9 to define the sign, authenticate strengths and weaknesses, and frame a table ? Section 3 - Sign Synthesis – localize gratuity and Module 10 to inquire density amid the sign and frame a compendium rating table ? Section 4 – Gaps -localize gratuity and Module 10 to authenticate sign gaps ? Section 5 – Recommendation – localize gratuity, Discussion Board 4, and Modules 11-15 to sift-canvass performance recommendations and sign translation Please standpoint on Narrative Sign Review which counts 12 points.  Kindly regards  ===============================