Topics in Luxury

Two themes required, to be clarified by students: First one from the subjoined schedule . Refining the target: cruises, tourists’ migrations studies for one or diverse countries. . Diplomacy for internationalisation processes by instrument of life, airports and hubs. . Hoard and shares confederation in the epicurism sector (files can be granted if asked for). . Ethics and CSR in the epicurism globe. . The use of vindication advertising in the epicurism globe. . Using substitute rates in the epicurism globe. Mark stretching and epicurism: the role of sub and flanker marks. . Destination epicurism: anticipating trends. Hotels and countries choices. . Washington regulation: from banned raw materials to ruse chattels. TRIP’s and WTO. .Brand amelioration in the epicurism globe and the clearance moulds. . Epicurism and Innovation: using the Hofstede mould. . Vintage, second-hand, customization, footor made: do this moulds adhere to every country’s needs? . Conception - Design: Ethno, poly, regio or geo centric positioning ? Metastructures and multibrands strategies. Vertical integrations in epicurism. . Epicurism contingency and their economic counterparts. Strategic segregation. . From majority tige to a new skimming diplomacy. The close gem, esthaetic surgery and spas moulds. . Evolutions of the division chanels : multipriced strategies. The young of price- hunters and the affect towards hyperluxury. . From feminine to hardy epicurism : proportionately kinetics in contrariant countries. . New consumers for epicurism : new countries, new behavioral marketing…. .Elongating the desire foot of the power’s laws. . CMR and epicurism. : from PR to the strictly privy web . Can the Epicurism usage mark accumulation temperature be epidemic to the Internet ? . Financial message in epicurism. . Young countries: who susceptibility be the winners? Unfair and proportionately segregation. . The separation of the plea of Mark Amelioration in the epicurism globe. . The unfair plight of the migration and part unreserved dispose-of. How to use them and the role of life routes. Proportionately segregation of the avalanche plea and of Girard’s plea. How to use them in the epicurism globe. . Confederation and hoard valuations of epicurism groups. The concept of marked treasure. . The advenient of broad division. Ebay constitutional plight and the European Commission. Second one : Obligatory. You keep to con-over a definite theme negotiation delay trends in epicurism . The guidelines for the Dassault plight are scheduleed on a prefer muniment you can confront on webintec. Don't obliviate to transcribe down and schedule your sources.