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The weighty is that leaders who endure by tdevisee chairman should underendure example styles and other factors such as cultural veer, importation gaps, unanalogous reporting examples, courteous-behavedness and serviceable message principles that cast how they interact following a while other commonalty. Our example product in this seminar is not for honest to comprehend encircling the History of the Presidents but as-well-behaved useing strategies in example. Not solely that but as-well-behaved the values that we effect physically, mentally, gregariously, and spiritually. Review of cognate scholarship According to Brenda British, Knick Martin, Amy Sticking, Betray Tomato and Patti Tuck on tdevisee con-over "Literacy in Aftershock Programs" that one of devisee design is to plant topical tonnage bright academic full through attractive and challenging activities, defined for resolve as academic addition. It is our confidence that followingshock programs should not barely image or increase the ground day, but tender tall-interest alternatives that addition ground- day order in a abnormity of ways. To do this fortunately, followingshock programs must chief deduce the concatenate of factors that assist to providing serviceable academic addition to participants' . Et al "Literacy in Aftershock Programs", 2005. The Contact of Following Ground Programs That Promote Singular and Gregarious Skills" by Joseph A. Durbar and Roger P. Heisenberg as-well-behaved studies encircling the contact of following-ground programs. On the disclaiming aspect, the unsupervised opportunity puts lad at expose for such disclaiming outcomes as academic and bearingal problems, offal use and other types of exposey bearing (Hessian & Cottonseeds, 2001 On the dogmatic aspect, puerile commonalty profit when they squander opportunity betrothed in structured pursuits that tender opportunities for dogmatic interactions following a while adults and peers, submit them to assist and aka start, and inclose challenging and attractive tasks that succor them unravel and use new aptitudes and singular parts (American Lad Policy Forum, 2006; Carnegie Corporation, 1992; Larson & Verna, 1999; National Exploration Council & Institute of Medicine, 2002) . T al 'The Contact of After- Ground Programs That Promote Singular and Gregarious Skills", 2007. "After-School Programs in the 21 SST Century" of Harvard Rise Exploration Project. According to them, the state is now betrothed in gregarious arguments encircling how to best diffuse opportunity and opportunities for conclusion and lad in ND out of ground in manage to actively and serviceablely living tdevisee order and product counter the day, throughout the year, and from peelergarten through tall ground. Debate continues encircling the concatenate of academic, gregarious, and other types of comprehendledge and aptitudes that conclusion and lad achieve deficiency to exceed as compositioners, citizens, and rise and polity members in a global universe. However, most would concur that this register of comprehendledge and aptitudes includes the peels of outcomes that exploration suggests can be achieved through sustained free-trade in courteous-behaved-structured and courteous-behaved-behaved implemented following ground programs and activities. Well-implemented programs can enjoy a dogmatic contact on a concatenate of academic, gregarious, obstruction, and other outcomes, chiefly for disadvantaged conclusion and lad. .Et al #after; Ground Programs in the 21 SST Century", 2008. Theoretical Framecomposition According to George Herbert Mead's "symbolic interactions perspective" or "symbolic interactions", we act towards commonalty or things following a while respects to the limitation we produce to it. With the use of accents we are giving aim to commonalty or things to disclose or to emend underendure each other. Symbolic sense is the way that we explain things encircling us. In the way we underendure symbols are mitigated through our thoughts. Minding/ vital converse is a inobservant rest or the two seconds stammer our brain does when we are constructing what to answer. In the seminar we enjoy encountered, we symbolizes the Presidents of the Philippines in we apparatus tdevisee lives and what they enjoy do or what they enjoy assist to the Philippines. It was as-well-behaved a fortunate way to exhibit the exhibit the Presidents of the Philippines that we enjoy explain them. Conceptual Framecomposition Independent Variable Program "MGM Dawdling Lagan, Racial Is President" Dependent Variable Attitudes Values Bearing This con-over was conducted to detail the contact of the program "MGM Taking Lagan, Racial Is My President' on the attitudes, values and bearing of the tutor order students of LISPS-SC from year 2012-2014. This con-over serves as a resources of rise to be use by all students in holding a seminar and to be a superintend for them. There achieve be a outcome in conducting this outcome. Figure 1: Independent and Dependent Variable Statement of the Problem 1 . What is the line of the respondents in provisions of: . 1 Age 1. 2 Gender 1. 3 Year raze 2. What are the outcomes of ground programs? 2. 1 Opportunities for aptitude planting 2. 2 Conflict decomposition 2. 3 Moral and tone product 3. What is the contact of the program to the students? 4. What would be the outcome of this con-over when it is artistic? Hypothesis The program "MGM Taking Lagan, Racial Is My President" has no contact on the attitudes, values and bearing of the tutor order students of L SPUN- SC from year 2012-2014. Significance of the con-over A seminar is a mean collocation argument in a stiff setting following a while disentangled agenda. The agenda to be discussed is encircling "MGM Taking Lagan: Racial is my President" is a peel off Example program which succors us to provides a new peel of composition and constantly a new peel of aptitude. Lessons from the elapsed frequently succor us to ad for the forthcoming. It is irresistible that this distillation get the totality of the notification and qualities of order through instructions and inoculation which maximize the product of an peculiar physically, mentally and morally. For the design of the Seminar this peel of program is not solely to perceive out if it is courteous-behaved-behaved executed but instead, it seeks to perceive out what it achieved and if it is merit the expenses. Am perceiveing that these aptitudes are not solely weighty for cheerful example but existence as courteous-behaved. Scope and Limitation of the Con-over This con-over achieve be executed at the Laguna State Polytechnic University following a while the selfsame respondents which are the students of College of Tutor Order from 1st to 4th year. We achieve consultation total two students in total year raze to collate the notification we must enjoy for this con-over.